Just Write the Book


How many times have you heard people say that they are going to write a book, are thinking about writing a book, or have a great idea for a book? And how many of those people end up actually writing the book? I’d say it’s about 3-5%, but that might be too generous. Why is […]

I.C.E. Man – Rob Pincus


Rob Pincus (NU 94) is one of the country’s most well-known and successful experts on reality-based defensive training. He has authored six books, shipped over five million DVDs, and his online training videos have accumulated millions of viewing minutes. He is a prolific industry writer, an experienced television personality, and a sought after guest who […]

A Word From the Dark Side

Mr. Burns

Bob (not his real name) is a successful entrepreneur in the tech industry and his company has over 300 employees. Overall, morale at the office is high and people genuinely seem happy to be there. Bob is well liked and respected by his people—the general consensus is that he takes good care of them. But if Bob’s employees could get an uncensored look at Bob’s thoughts on employees, they probably wouldn’t like what they see.

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Have you ever heard people complain about having too much time on their hands? Me neither. Everyone’s busy. We have jobs, family responsibilities, club commitments, volunteer duties—all manner of things to fill our days. And once we’re done for the day we want nothing more than to kick off our shoes, put on our jammies, and chill. So we do. Then we get up the next morning and repeat the same process.

More Work, Same Pay


Sound familiar? I bet it does. It’s a recurring theme that keeps popping up from my readers as more and more employers keep adding to their employees’ workloads without any boost in compensation. Sometimes it’s even worse – more work for LESS compensation. Why do employers do this? Because they can. The economy is relatively […]

Do You Have The Right Stuff?

Sports Gears

Do you have everything you need to start your project or business? The playing field for creative enterprise has never been this level, and all we need to do is take full advantage of the available tools. If you have an internet connection and a webcam, you have pretty much everything you need to make a splash—or […]