The solidarity of the pro-Desert Storm rally didn’t last long as a scandal (not to mention public relations nightmare) involving a secret society known as the Night Riders exploded in the Spring of 1991.

It was obvious to anyone on campus that things were coming apart at the seams. The faculty gave President W. Russell Todd a “vote of no confidence” and his subsequent resignation was rejected by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Attorney and Trustee Robert Lappin was charged with leading the official investigation into the existence and activities of the legendary Royal Order of Night Riders (which would constitute a violation of university rules and regulations regarding “collective action”).

The RONR was supposedly born in 1856 from the Alpha Chapter of Theta Chi. Skull and Swords (still university sanctioned in 1991, disbanded a few years later) didn’t enter the picture until the early 1920s but both organizations were based on similar mythology.

There’s more to come on this topic.

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The Night Riders had surfaced in the past.

From the 1926 Cadet Yearbook the “War Whoop” and the October 1, 1926 Guidon: