GEN Martin Dempsey - Chairman of the Joint Chiefs

I spent a few days in Northfield last week for an Alumni Association meeting that happened to coincide with commissioning and graduation. It’s always an extraordinary time of year to be on campus as Norwich students scurry to fulfill their final requirements before officially starting their careers. There are tests to take, presentations to give, administrative tasks to be dealt with and yet somehow they still manage to squeeze in cocktails with enthusiastic grads who descend on the campus to share in the festivities. It was a fantastic few days that culminated with a rousing speech from none other than the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey. His participation is a major endorsement of the system that Alden Partridge set in motion almost 200 years ago.

Speaking of Partridge, I made some stops on my way home to visit the graves of a few important people from Norwich History. Below are pics from those visits.

Alden Partridge and Truman Bishop Ransom are both buried in Fairview Cemetery located in Norwich, Vermont.

Captain Alden Partridge Grave

Truman Bishop Ransom Grave

Ernest N. Harmon’s final resting place is Oxbow Cemetery located in Newbury, Vermont.

MG Ernest N. Harmon Grave

Visit to see who’s buried near you. And be sure to check out the University Archives and Special Collections’ new blog – “Mining for Old.”