LumbergSound familiar? I bet it does.

It’s a recurring theme that keeps popping up from my readers as more and more employers keep adding to their employees’ workloads without any boost in compensation. Sometimes it’s even worse – more work for LESS compensation.

Why do employers do this? Because they can. The economy is relatively weak and they know that if we won’t do it – there’s a long line of unemployed folks standing by who are more than willing to take the abuse. This contrasts sharply with the way things work in a strong economy. Back in the 90s when the economy was thriving, employers had to compete for the best people by offering high wages and handsome benefit packages. Nowadays, not so much.

What can we do about this? We can always weather the storm and hope that some of the pressure gets alleviated when (if?) the economy rebounds. But if you ask me that’s wishful thinking. Workloads are like taxes – they never seem to go down.

Here are two possible solutions:

  • Diversify: Work is one of the few areas in life where we don’t diversify. We diversify our finances, our diets, our friends and activities, but when it comes to work we gather up all of our eggs and toss them into one basket. In doing so we give others tremendous leverage over our lives and way too much of it is completely out of our control. Working on a contractual basis for several places has its own set of challenges, but you’re much less likely to be taken advantage of or lose everything in one fell swoop when you eventually get fired or quit.
  • Buck the System and do your own thing: If diversification isn’t an option for you – then why not start a project/business of your very own on the side? Not necessarily a $1 million dollar idea but your own creation where you make the decisions and control your own destiny. Here’s the thing – even if it fails you will reap tremendous benefits. It’s a declaration of independence, a statement to the universe as well as yourself that your “real job” does not define you or own you. And it all starts with the simple decision to make it happen.

If you need more convincing or want a few specific techniques on how to break through procrastination and execute the ideas you’ve been thinking about for years, consider reading Buck the System: Stop Marking Time and Start Making Noise.

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