More Work, Same Pay


Sound familiar? I bet it does. It’s a recurring theme that keeps popping up from my readers as more and more employers keep adding to their employees’ workloads without any boost in compensation. Sometimes it’s even worse – more work for LESS compensation. Why do employers do this? Because they can. The economy is relatively […]

Do You Have The Right Stuff?

Sports Gears

Do you have everything you need to start your project or business? The playing field for creative enterprise has never been this level, and all we need to do is take full advantage of the available tools. If you have an internet connection and a webcam, you have pretty much everything you need to make a splash—or […]

Buck the System now available on!

BTS Video

Buck the System is now available!

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Buck the System: Why Everyone At Least Needs A Side Gig

I recently listened to a very interesting radio interview with the drummer from Aerosmith, Joey Kramer. As I live outside Boston, it’s not unusual to hear Aerosmith band members on the radio when they pass through town since they’re from the area. What made this interview particularly interesting was the topic—gourmet coffee. Kramer was there to talk about Rockin’ and Roastin’, a business he launched in 2012. The interview started out covering the basics of the business—organic/eco-friendly grow methods, and the differences between the handful of coffees his company produces. Then the question of “why” came up. Why did Kramer start this business?

Buck the System – Contents and Introduction

Here are the table of contents and introduction for Buck the System: Stop Marking Time and Start Making Noise! The book will be available exclusively in Kindle form through by the end of the month. Sign up on the right to receive an email alert once it’s officially available.

How to Handle Criticism


A few months ago I read historian Steven Pressfield’s Gates of Fire and it knocked me on my ass. After reading the last page I closed the book, set it down on my desk, and wondered how a human being could have created such an awe-inspiring work of art. It’s about the Battle of Thermopylae (AKA “300″) and I can’t help but think Pressfield’s version is exactly how things played out – word for word – straight down to King Leonidas’ rousing speeches.