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Thoughts on Belgium and Other News

By | March 25th, 2016|

Belgium Attacks My emotional response to terrorist attacks typically follows the same pattern. Shock. Heartbreak. Rage. Inevitably the rage turns to frustration as I listen to our politicians and pundits argue about who to blame and how to manage the threat. Opinions vary and there is no single solution [...]

Getting it Right with Wrong Town

By | February 28th, 2016|

Wrong Town was released to the public on Christmas Day 2015. My goal for January was modest – 100 eBooks. That was it. Thankfully the universe had different plans. Within a week or two the reviews started to accumulate and sales grew exponentially as the word spread. I ended up selling several thousand copies and Wrong Town hit the Amazon eBook Best Seller list in several thriller categories.

Wrong Town Top 10 Amazon Best Seller!

By | January 24th, 2016|

Wrong Town: A Mark Landry Novel has made the Top 10 on Amazon's Best Sellers in the terrorism thriller category! Thanks very much to everyone who has purchased the book. I appreciate your support and will keep you posted on news and events. 'Wrong Town' is available for Kindle, iBooks, [...]

5 Ways to Piss Off a Cop

By | January 5th, 2016|

(Several of the main characters in my novel Wrong Town are police officers. I wanted to make sure I portrayed police culture accurately, so I spent many hours interviewing cops during the research phase. The content of this post comes from those interviews.) You’re at a cocktail party. You’re bored. [...]

Feedback From Early “Wrong Town” Readers

By | December 20th, 2015|

I'm thrilled with the feedback from pre-release readers of Wrong Town: A Mark Landry Novel: "Captures today's security dilemmas in all of its complexities and presents them in a way that security professionals will appreciate and laymen will understand. I'm reading it for a second time - it's that good." - Colonel Don [...]

How to Smash Through Creative Blocks

By | December 13th, 2015|

Creative blocks happen to everyone. Whether you write books, create presentations, or formulate business plans, we’ve all been there – completely stuck. Up against a wall with no clue how to continue. Here are two ways to smash through those barriers. They’ve worked for me – your mileage may vary. [...]

Wrong Town by Randall H. Miller (Pre-order Now!)

By | October 24th, 2015|

It gives me great pleasure to announce my latest book - Wrong Town - is now available for pre-order! Wrong Town is inspired by some of the subject matter, people, and places I interact with on a regular basis. If you like the topics I typically write about - you are going to love this novel. [...]