Two Mystery Photos from the 1980s


The Archives and Special Collections staff frequently posts mystery photos on their blog. The first photo is of an unknown NU employee taken in 1981. Does anyone have any idea who this very serious looking gentleman was? The second photo was taken at a football game in 1987. Email the archives directly at or […]

Mystery Photo: 1961


This negative was found with other images of student sports and calisthenics from 1961. Do you know who these students are? What are they doing? Do you know when this might have been taken? I’ll be honest – I don’t even know where the photo was taken. Plumley Armory perhaps?

Breakfast With Buffum


I’ll never forget the day I first spoke with Albert F. Buffum, the 84 year old son of Norwich legend Erving N. Buffum (’21). His name and phone number were written on a yellow sticky note on my desk – the result of some pretty tedious genealogical research made worse by what seemed like endless […]