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Mark Landry and his team of Imperium operators have just begun working covertly for National Security Advisor Johnson and President Calhoun—two men willing to do whatever it takes to protect the United States. Their initial orders are clear: find Russian spymaster Oleg Borodin and destroy his espionage network.

To do so, Mark must travel to Berlin and work with Heike, a German intelligence operative with whom he shares an intimate past. Heike has vital information on Borodin, but it may come at a price Mark is not willing to pay.

Mark relishes the significance of his new role with the Calhoun administration. But Luci Landry’s surprising post law enforcement career aspirations could threaten his own anonymity, and the fallout from Senator McDermott’s shocking vote to confirm Supreme Court Justice James Midas is worse than anyone could have imagined—exacerbated by the new justice’s troubling behavior once he has been sworn in. McDermott is abandoned by many of her supporters and marginalized within the party. Feeling isolated, she tries to focus on uniting her family. But Megan’s open hostility toward Mark is upsetting, and the stress of political life is taking its toll on McDermott’s health. She fears that time is running out. Because it is.

Turning Point is the third book in the Mark Landry series.