The President of Norwich University is required to submit a yearly report to the Board of Trustees. President Herbert Rufus Roberts submitted his last on June 2nd of 1917. It included the following section entitled “Morals of Cadets”:

“Ever since my connection with the institution I have made every effort to safeguard and improve the morals of the cadets. Last year I succeeded in getting a pledge by unanimous vote of the corps to refrain from profanity and the use of intoxicating liquors. I believe that the result of this pledge was very beneficial and a large majority of the cadets lived up scrupulously to it. It is my sincere hope that whatever may be done along other lines, that efforts along this line will be continued.”

In June of 2011 I took these pictures of George H. Bonney’s (NU ’58) brilliant tombstone and future resting place in the Norwich Cemetery.

Click the images to see larger versions.

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