This is what I’ve been working on for the past six months – it’ll be out sometime in February 2014.

Buck the System is a call to action/kick in the pants for people who feel stuck in a rut. People with cool ideas but lots of reasons why they’re not making them happen.

Not enough time.  Still paying their dues. Waiting their turn. No credentials. Need better equipment. Afraid to fail. Care too much about what people may think. And the all-too-common “it’s not the right time.”

Here’s the gist…that’s mostly B.S.

Most people have plenty of time. They’ve already waited their turns and paid their dues. They don’t need any special credentials or equipment and care way too much about what other people may think. The truth is there’s no more perfect time than right now to launch projects, write books, start new businesses, or develop new habits.

Buck the System won’t be for everyone. But, if it’s for you, the tips, anecdotes, and interviews will hopefully change your life. It’s all about knowing when to bend the rules, when to break the rules, and when to throw the rules out the window. More to follow.

Just a few more sections to complete as well as the promotional video with the same folks who produced this one.

Like the cover?

Buck the System Cover