My emotional response to terrorist attacks typically follows the same pattern. Shock. Heartbreak. Rage. Inevitably the rage turns to frustration as I listen to our politicians and pundits argue about who to blame and how to manage the threat. Opinions vary and there is no single solution to the problem. But here’s one thing I know for sure – we are not helpless. Here is an article I wrote in the wake of the Paris attacks – 5 Ways to Mitigate Risk and Save Lives. It’s worth revisiting. Please share it with people you care about.

Book Clubs

I spoke to a women’s book club in Florida on March 14th. I talked about when and how I became interested in terrorism/writing – followed by a lengthy Q&A. I enjoy chatting with readers and I’m always impressed with their thoughtful questions. As a general rule I don’t say much about the next installment of the series but I’ll share with you the one spoiler I shared in Florida: the next book does not begin where Wrong Town left off – it opens five years later.

The Villages, Florida. (3/14/16)

The Villages, Florida. (3/14/16)

Traveling to visit with book clubs personally is not always possible. However, if you’d like me to speak with your club via Skype or FaceTime – email me the details and I’ll see what I can do.

Interesting Factoid

According to Amazon, 12 passages of Wrong Town have been highlighted over 700 times by Kindle readers. Unfortunately, I can’t always see which passages because not everyone shares their highlights publicly. Did you highlight any passages? If so, send me an email and let me know which ones. I’m curious.

What I’m Reading

Eat, Move, Sleep by Tom Rath. It’s a sobering read about the dangers of the modern American lifestyle. Short version – we are terrible eaters who sit for most of the day and don’t get enough sleep. The cumulative impact on our health and longevity is devastating. Thankfully, there are lots of small things we can do about it. This book is worth your time.

Would You Like a Free Audiobook?

The audiobook version of Wrong Town is available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. So far the reviews and feedback have been excellent. Would you like a free copy of the audiobook? If so, send me an email. I have a dozen promo codes – first come first serve.


If you’d like a signed/personalized copy of Wrong Town you can order one right here ($20 – shipping included). Be sure to let me know how you’d like me to make it out.

Thanks again for your support. Let me know if you have any specific questions and I’ll do my best to answer them in my next update. Stay safe.